Pakistan’s Cable Car Crisis: Children Rescued from Perilous Situation

In a harrowing incident in Northern Pakistan, a group of individuals, primarily children, found themselves stranded in a cable car

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Barcelona Plans to Increase Tourist Tax for Short-Term Cruise Passengers

Barcelona’s mayor, Jaume Collboni, has announced plans to raise the tourist tax for cruise passengers

Flights Grounded Across the US Due to Tech Outage

Major US airlines have grounded flights across the country due to widespread communication issues linked

One Dead After Apparent Drone Attack on Tel Aviv

The Israeli military is investigating a suspected drone attack that struck central Tel Aviv in

Cyanide Found in Teacups of Six Deceased at Bangkok Hotel

Thai police investigating the deaths of six people found in a luxury hotel room in

One Dead, Several Injured as Car Crashes into Paris Cafe

Tragic Incident in Paris One person has died and several others were injured after a

Can Artificial Intelligence Surpass Humans in the Field of Art?

The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into the field of art is a rapidly evolving

Toronto Struggles with Flooding and Power Outages After Severe Storms

Toronto experienced record rainfall from three massive storms, leading to widespread flooding, power outages, and

Six Found Dead in Bangkok Luxury Hotel in Suspected Poisoning

Six individuals were discovered dead in a luxury hotel suite in central Bangkok, with authorities