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More Fast EV Chargers to be Installed at HDB Carparks by 2025

By 2025, electric vehicle (EV) owners in Singapore will have greater access to fast chargers at public commercial carparks owned



5 Essential Items Every Traveler Should Pack

Here are five small but essential items every traveler should consider packing in their backpack:

Choosing the Right Sport for Your Child: A Comprehensive Guide

Each sport offers unique benefits and can help develop various skills. Here’s an analysis of some popular sports and the

Why Walking is Better Than Running: Benefits of a Low-Impact Exercise

Walking and running are both popular forms of exercise that offer numerous health benefits. However, walking has unique advantages that

Ways to Cope with the Heat: Essential Tips for Staying Cool

As global temperatures rise and heatwaves become more frequent, it is crucial to know how to cope with extreme heat.



Celebrating National Day of Russia

On June 12, 2024 Russia is celebrating its National Day, the Day of State Sovereignty.

Singapore to Launch First Satellite in Very Low Earth Orbit in 2025

Singapore's pioneering satellite designed to orbit closest to Earth has been unveiled.

Campaigners Urge UK Government to Block Shein FTSE Listing Over Workers Rights Concerns

They argue that allowing Shein to join the London stock exchange would be "yet another

Escalation at the Border: South Korea Resumes Loudspeaker Broadcasts Amid Balloon Controversy

South Korea announced it will restart propaganda loudspeaker broadcasts directed at North Korea, marking the

Free Preview Rides on New Thomson-East Coast Line Stations

On June 21, Singaporeans are invited to explore the newly completed Stage 4 of the

Fire in Bukit Panjang HDB Block Leads to Evacuation of 100 Residents

Approximately 100 residents were evacuated from an HDB block in Bukit Panjang after a fire

Malawi Vice-President’s Aircraft Disappears

An aircraft transporting Malawi's Vice-President Saulos Chilima, along with nine other individuals, has gone missing,

Singapore Airlines Offers Compensation to SQ321 Passengers Following Turbulence Incident

On Tuesday, June 11, Singapore Airlines (SIA) issued an apology and announced monetary compensation for